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Battery 18V Defiport Chargeable
GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare
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Product Overview

This rechargeable battery pack is designed to supply 18 Volts of Direct Current (VDC) with a capacity of 600 mAh using nickel cadmimum (Ni-Cd) technology. Direct current, instead of alternating current, is used for batteries and sensitive electronics that need a consistent, stable voltage. The pack consists of fifteen 1.2 Volts high quality rechargeable cells with one dummy cell that allows it to be used in tight, small spaces. Cells of the battery are arranged reversibly and covered with a 1 mm thick outer shell which keeps internal connections dry and protects cells from minor shocks, scratches and low degree physical damages. This long life 18 VDC, 600 mAh backup battery pack is with Responder 1000 and Responder 1100 Defibrillator Diagnostic ECG systems.

Produits compatibles

Responder 1000

Responder 1000

Responder 1100

Responder 1100

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