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Button Drain Circle BCG Module B/S Mechanical
Ventilateurs d'anesthésie
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Product Overview

  • The Circular Drain Button comes as a part of the Breathing Gas Circuit (BGC) Module of an Anesthesia Delivery System. Any objects in the breathing circuit system can stop gas flow to the patient. This can cause injury or death. Hence, with an Active Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System (AGSS), the drain button is pushed manually for 10 seconds or more, to drain the condensate into the absorber. It contains a grove at the top, where a u-cup seal is placed to avoid the leakage. The button comes into contact with oxygen-enriched gas in the range of 50 to 3000 kPa. Despite this, the component is highly corrosion resistant and in addition, the surface is passivated, where the surface iron is removed and a protective oxide layer is formed upon exposure to the external environments. This protects the entire component and hence, it is highly efficient for usage in medical environments. It comes as a part of the medical equipment like the Aestiva Anesthesia delivery machine and Aestiva compact machine.

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